I-PRISON 3.0 !

Jackson478 Drug-Lord posted Jan 23, 16


Hello  everyone! Welcome back to a new version of I-Prison! As you can see, this is the third version of this server! To celebrate I-Prison 3.0, we decided to make it very special. Like all resets, everyone's rank and progress has been reset. If you join the server and you do not have your donation rank please contact staff immediatly with some type of proof of you purchasing your rank, or you talking in-game with your rank. By the time you see this, I-Prison 3.0 will be open to the public! If you'd like to join, the IP address is; I-Prison.com, or you may use /server Prison. Below this message is everything you need to know about the new server! There's no escape! muahaha!


You heard right! Thanks to Bloxxerman, to celebrate the release of Prison 3.0, all items, ranks, and rank upgrades will be 35% off!  When you join the server, and you do not have your rank, please contact a staff member to get your rank back. Due to the reset of the server, all ranks have been removed thus, making all donaters default. If you're reading this on the website, and cannot join in-game, you can fill out a form showing us proof that you had a donation rank on the server. Rank Recovery Form: http://goo.gl/forms/2DPrhp1Mtj


With the new version of I-Prison, we'd thought we would make it 100% better than the previous versions! In this newer version, we took many hours out of our day to perfect this new server. You may be wondering, but what's new on this server? Well, sit back, and enjoy the long list of updates towards the server! It's amazing!


This will change how you battle your enemy's!

Ice Aspect - Slows your enemy on hit. Has a Chance to freeze an enemy Player.

Deep Wounds - Upon hitting an enemy, you have a chance of causing it to bleed.

Headless - Gives you the head of an enemy you killed.

Block - Blocking with a Sword increases your Resistance.

Crippling Strike - Cripples your enemy on hit.

Blind - Blinds the Enemy.

Poison - Poisons your enemy.

Thundering Blow - Upon hitting an enemy, you have a chance to strike Lightning onto it.

Autorepair - Automatically repairs your Armor/Weapon after you started it via shift + rightclicking.


These heavily crafted, intelligent, sneaky villagers will do whatever it takes to hide from the prisoners! These villagers are not normal. If you find a hidden one, you could trade with him for a bunch of good items! There are a total of 3 secret hiding spots in the server with one secret mine! Whoever finds the 3 villagers will be rewarded greatly with the Villagers wishes of goodness! What are you waiting for? Find them!